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One collection, a lot of stories!

Sunday 12th september 2021 > storytelling session 2

The artist-storyteller Luisa Bevilacqua will take you on an immersive journey, both playful and wondrous, into the enthralling world of stories while showing pieces from the Mudam in a new light. This first session will present two works from the Collection on show in the Mudam through the prism of two original stories.
Costume and accessories: Alexandra Lichtenberger

When : 2 a.m.

Where : Mudam Auditorium

Age : 6+

Language : English

Fee : 10€/person (access to the exhibitions included)

Advance booking only : mudam.com/rsvp-conte-collection / t +352 453785–531

Limited admission > subject to modification or cancellation

COVID-19Face mask mandatory & physical distancing must be respected

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